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A-line Tops and Dresses
for girls sizes 3m - 8yrs

The A-line - so very classic, so very boutique!  For over 50 years, the A-line has been a fashion favorite of little girls and big girls alike. Boutique “couture-quality” A-lines are fully lined, with all the raw edges and loose threads incased within the garment. The finishing is so neat, in fact, that the A-line can be worn reversed. Making a lined A-line is actually much easier than making one with facings - there are less pieces to cut out, no seams to finish, and no hemming! There are some tricks involved, however. This eBook contains detailed instructions (and lots of tips) on how to construct an A-line that hangs beautifully and is perfectly finished.  A matching doll-sized pattern is included as a free bonus!

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