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Stripwork Jumper Tops and Dresses
for girls sizes 6m - 8yrs

The stripwork jumper is a boutique couture favorite! With a simple bib-style bodice and a skirt pieced from vertical strips, the design possibilities are endless.A long, flowing jumper looks beautifully old-fashioned and romantic, and is perfect for wearing over a frilly top or peasant dress. A shorter, top-length jumper is adorably perky and “twirly.” For a dressy set, pair with matching ruffled pants. For a more casual look, combine with a cute T-shirt and embellished jeans. The jumper bodice makes a great canvas for appliqué or machine embroidery. Instructions are also provided for making a jumper with a solid skirt. Detailed sizing information is given so you will get a great fit and just the length you are after. The patterns have placement guides for buttons and buttonholes. Depending on your sewing machine and comfort level with making buttonholes, you may prefer to use snaps or tacking. Instructions are given for all three fastening methods.  A matching doll-sized pattern is also included as a free bonus!

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