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Perfectly Preppy Skirts and Skorts
for girls sizes 6m - 12yrs

THIP-HIP-HOORAY! Let’s all cheer for this fun, versatile, easy-to-make style! Adorable little skirts and skorts are wardrobe staples for cheerleaders, tennis players, ice skaters and brainy Ivy Leaguers alike. They are practical and comfortable enough for sports, but still cute and classy for school and socializing.  The skirt/skort design has a semi-fitted yoke that is lightly elasticized in the back. Skort options include shorts or bloomers and the skirt can be pleated, flouncy or gathered. This E-Book contains detailed instructions and charts so you can make the skirt/skort in the perfect length to get just the look you are after.
A matching doll-sized pattern is included as a free bonus!

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