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Festive Vests
for boys and girls sizes 6m - 10yrs

Jazz up that ensemble with a Festive Vest! Trendy, yet traditional, this vest is a stylish piece for boys and girls alike. For formal attire, the vest can be made from dressy fabrics and worn with a button-up shirt and tie. For a more casual look, use fun cotton prints and pair with a T-shirt. Optional classy collars and dapper mock pockets can be placed on the front, and ties, belts, or ribbons can be added to the back. The vest is perfect for personalization with applique or machine embroidery. This vest is extremely easy to make, and is a great project for beginners. Each step of the construction process is described in detail and fully illustrated. Fastener options include buttons/buttonholes or snaps. Placement guides are provided for both 3 and 4 button variations.
 A matching doll-sized pattern is also included as a free bonus!

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