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Boxy Bags - 3 sizes

The Case Study series revolves around a container design that is sturdy, yet soft.   With a padded foam core and simple cuboid shape, the architecture lends itself to a number of storage and transport applications.  The straightforward construction process involves basic sewing and crafting techniques.  A number of looks from clean utilitarian to boutique designer are possible depending on fabric and embellishment choices.  

The Boxy Bag is great for toting around gear and treasures, including:

Handheld video games
Small toys and dolls
Wrapped Food and beverages
Sewing/Knitting supplies
Baby supplies
General purse stuff

Functional and stylish options include scrunched exterior pockets, flat interior pockets, and removable dividers.  These bags are a great way to show case designer fabrics, embroidery/applique work, and creative embellishments.
Patterns and instructions are included to make boxes in three sizes: small (9½”l x 4½”w x 4½”h),
medium (10½”l x 5½”w x 5½”h), and large (11½”l x 6½”w x 6½”h).

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