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Scientific Seamstress offers high-quality patterns and detailed sewing instructions in electronic format.  Each “ePattern” contains multiple design options and covers a wide range of sizes.  Just like science protocols, the instructions are written in a clear, logical manner with extreme attention to detail.  The author genuinely cares about the user’s sewing experience.  If she finds a step of garment construction tricky or tedious, she will experiment until she finds a better way.  Each volume generally requires one to two months of research and development.  The resulting patterns and instructions are put through a rigorous testing process by a group of sewing enthusiasts.  The ePattern is only published after it meets their exacting standards for sizing, understandability, and of course, style. 

Whether you are new to sewing or have been at for years, you will appreciate the simplicity of the designs and the clarity of the instructions.  You don’t have to spend your precious sewing time trying to figure out cryptic directions or making alterations to get the look you are after.  You can just relax and enjoy the sewing process, and then revel in the finished product.  After working with these ePatterns, users often find themselves conducting their own experiments and concocting creations they never dreamed possible.  Each ePattern is truly a self-contained sewing lesson that includes:

Background information - includes design options, outfit suggestions, lists of materials, and comprehensive sizing information. 

Instructions and diagrams - concise, yet very detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by realistic diagrams.  Photos are also used to demonstrate “hands-on” concepts.  Tips, tricks, and alternative methods are included throughout.

Full-scale patterns - hand-drafted, then converted to a digital format.  The finished patterns are split into pieces that fit on 8½ x 11” pages.   You print the pieces you need, and tape together to make a durable pattern that can be used again and again. 

Helpful tools - Templates, gauges, and optimal equipment configurations are included as needed to make for easy, efficient sewing.

Currently, the lab is working on two different product lines:  Scientific Seamstress ePatterns, which are good basics with a touch of boutique whimsy, and Sis Boom ePatterns, which are collaborative works with renowned fabric designer Jennifer Paganelli.  Between these two series, there are offerings for all ages, sizes, and tastes.  

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